Denver - Our History

Relocation Strategies® was founded in 1994 in Cincinnati, OH where the corporate headquarters resides today. In May of 2015, Relocation Strategies® expanded into the Denver market to serve clients across Colorado with the same world class commercial transition/relocation services that our clients have come to expect throughout the past 21 years. Our Denver team is well versed in project management and consulting in multiple verticals and stands ready to handle projects of any size or scope throughout Colorado, the U.S. and around the world!

Relocation Strategies® Denver is owned by Connor Gilman and Charlene Gilman. Connor & Char have extensive experience in project and operations management as well as sales and business development. Throughout his career, Connor has been involved in projects ranging from professional sports organizations to medical/dental practices. Charlene is a true entrepreneur who has developed companies and their operations/sales endeavors as well as running her own business; they both truly understand the challenges involved in transitioning a commercial space and the business within.