Relocation Strategies® is noted for its full project management platform, which includes construction management, move and storage management for corporate offices, manufacturing plants, warehouse facilities, medical offices, research labs, educational institutions, and small business offices. Relocation Strategies® was founded on corporate relocation and transition services in 1994 in Cincinnati, OH, and has been involved in hundreds of office and industrial move projects, estimated at over 25,000 corporate employees and 20,000,000 square feet of commercial space across the U.S., Europe, and South America. In 2018, Relocation Strategies® expanded into the Seattle market to serve one of the fastest growing markets in the country with the same world-class delivery that our clients have come to expect for the past two decades. Whether it is relocating your 10-person business, finding the $40M hole in a goliath company’s budget, decommissioning that no-longer-needed site, or relocating/reorganizing a multi-million square foot campus, no project is too big or too small for Relocation Strategies® Seattle!

Team Bios

Kevin Finley

As Managing Partner for Relocation Strategies®, Kevin’s day-to-day responsibilities include business development, project management, strategic planning, relocation consulting, account management, move management, and logistics consulting. Kevin started college at age 14, holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics, and worked in several industries prior to Relocation Strategies®. In the early days of the Internet, Kevin taught more than a thousand Oracle consultants and developed educational standards for the Department of Defense. Then, he published genomics research that led to further dozens of scientific publications. As CTO of a technology consultancy, Kevin developed and managed software for 65K merchants, 10M customers, and 28 brands. More recently, he studied and managed the problems of labor and logistics processes at Amazon and Google, comprising 50 projects, 250K employees, 100M square feet, thousands of daily trucks, and undisclosable billions of dollars.

Today, Kevin brings his passion for efficiency, risk mitigation, and logistical analysis to business relocation. For recreation, he likes to play resource management games as well as business and other simulations.

Mack Horne

As a Partner for Relocation Strategies®, Mack’s day-to-day responsibilities include business development, strategic planning, relocation consulting, account management, logistics consulting, and safety consulting. Mack has more than 15 years of experience prior to Relocation Strategies®, focusing on operational excellence, employee engagement, project management, vendor procurement, vendor management and process improvement in manufacturing, warehouse, sales retail and call center environments. Mack has worked for organizations of various sizesm including Amazon, Kenworth Truck Company, Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. He graduated from the University of Washington, where he studied Business Administration.

A little about Mack, in his own words: “Personally, I am married with two wonderful young children. I spend much of my free time ensuring we have many memories to cherish together. In addition, I am active in my community and am preparing for smoking meat in BBQ competitions.”

Cheryl Bisque

As a Partner for Relocation Strategies®, Cheryl’s responsibilities include business development and strategic planning. Cheryl has a Master degree in Electrical Engineering and more than 25 years of experience across multiple industries. Prior to Relocation Strategies®, Cheryl held executive and senior roles in several high-tech and telecom companies, including Amazon, Centurylink, Sun Microsystems, and Bell Laboratories, where her focus areas included hardware, software, and operations. Cheryl also holds a real estate broker license in four states and worked in the real estate industry in parallel to high tech for the past 14 years.

In her spare time, Cheryl likes to tinker with new technology and visit classrooms to introduce the next generation to the fascinating world of STEM.