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Rolls Wood Group | Oakland, CA to Houston, TX

Project Overview

Rolls Wood Group is a joint venture between The Wood Group and Rolls Royce Aircraft. This project involved relocating the joint ventures’ jet turbine rebuilt and maintenance facility from Oakland to Houston. The facility services turbines from both private industry and the military. This move was heavily industrial based move project that affected aircraft engines and parts valued at more than over $11,000,000 in various stages of rebuild. The facility encompassed 55,000 sq. ft. of space and with the vast travel distance between sites the relocation took over 6 weeks to execute.


• Rolls Wood Group

Scope of Services

• Move Management – Industrial
• Project Schedule and Coordination
• On site Project Management
• Manufacturing Move and Management

Project Size

• 55,000 Sq. Ft


• Move of Hazardous Materials
• Move of Work in Progress
• Decommissioning
• Removal of the fire suppression system
• Teardown and installation of the Mezzanine

Project Duration

• Eight Months

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