Columbus - Our History

Relocation Strategies® was founded in 1994 in Cincinnati, OH where the corporate headquarters resides today. In 2016, Relocation Strategies® expanded into the Columbus, OH market to directly serve clients in the region with the same world class delivery that our clients have received for the past two decades. Our team is well versed in project management and consulting in multiple verticals and stands ready to handle projects of any size or scope throughout our Southern California region, the U.S. and around the world.

Relocation Strategies® Columbus is owned by Chris DiSilvestri with the guidance of J.D. Henthorn as the Vice President. Chris and J.D. have wide-ranging experience in project management, facilities operations and commercial real estate processes. Throughout their careers, Chris and J.D. have been focused on B2B customer service and project execution in various commercial facilities. Their mission is to maximize the efficiency of every corporate transition, thereby minimizing the time, impact on productivity and cost involved for each one of their clients.