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Why Hire A Professional

Relocation Strategies® has expertise coordinating and managing projects of large and small offices, corporate headquarters, manufacturing, production and distribution facilities, research and technical laboratories, educational facilities and medical facilities. Relocation Strategies decades of experience and broad range of knowledge can be applied to benefit your company throughout your transition project.

The vendors that perform relocation project related work recognize us as a company that affects hundreds of projects per year, throughout the U.S., including those of multiple Fortune 500 corporations. Our presence enables you to get the best buying and procurement options possible and the best, most-efficient vendor teams available for your projects.

All purchase decisions and major coordination decisions are made by you, based on our independent and impartial advice.

Project related problems are handled quickly to avoid budget cost overruns or costly employee downtime. Aggressive project follow-up ensures no issues keep employees from quickly becoming productive again at the new location.

The concept of “Opportunity Cost” is apparent during this process, as our clients and their employees simply do not have the bandwidth; i.e. time, energy, effort required to budget and plan large scale transition projects.

Inevitably, something will take a back seat and create problems, either the normal responsibilities of the employee or the overall project planning and execution.

Managers that are typically assigned to move projects ultimately have more “value added” tasks they could be performing for the organization.

Additionally, internal decision makers and employees do not have the expertise aptly needed to purchase the necessary services and properly manage the various vendor teams throughout execution in order to ensure successful project execution.

Relocation Strategies provides comprehensive and turnkey expertise and efficiency for your company and employees!

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